Contribute to Jejune!

Jejune Magazine is always looking to work with and celebrate artists, photographers, stylists, designers, humanitarians, models... you name it! We just have one rule: every topic we cover has a social cause or meaning behind it. This means, we love to work with sustainable fashion, organic and natural beauty and hair products, icons who are giving back, and/or ideas that speak out or for certain topics. In our currently politically charged world there are a million and one issues one can address, we just make them beautiful when we discuss them!

Do you have a topic that you are hot on right now? Need a platform for that voice!? Here we are!

Please preview our previous editorials, art, and articles for the best understanding of what we cover. We also like to highlight sustainable/eco/giving back designers and beauty brands! 


Some ideas to get your started (these can be shown in fashion editorials, art, or written articles):
-Anything with sustainable fashion
-The #MeToo Movement
-Being an immigrant in the current America
-Black Lives Matter
-Guns in America
-Helping the environment
-Highlighting people who give back
-The opioid problem in America
-Health and Fitness
-Current Events, in America and across the planet


If tackling these issues in a passionate/beautiful way excites you as much as it excites us, please reach out!

Submissions: If you already have a project you are working on, please send us low res images or the article along with an explanation of why you are a good fit for Jejune, if it isn't super obvious.

Commissions/Pull Letters: We are happy to give out pull letters as well, and work with our contributors on their editorials and features. In this case, please email us with your idea, mood board, and team, and we will go from there!


Please contact us via: or on our Contact Page.