Give Back/Support A Charity

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If you are passionate about a particular topic, Jejune has organized the ever growing list of topics and organizations we promote. Please find your topic below (listed alphabetically) and join the movement!

Give Back To Support Agriculture 
Seen In: Article: Farmers Helping Farmers 
Cultivating New Frontiers In Agriculture 
Land O’Lakes 

Give Back To Support Animal Welfare/Rights
Seen In: Article: Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue Event 
Badass Brooklyn Animal Rescue

Seen In: SWAC Influencer:  Influencer With A Voice: Brittany Bloomer
Pound Paws 

Seen In: Article: Making NYC A No-Kill City 
The Toby Project 

Seen In: Editorial: Stephanie Corneliussen Is Plant-Based 
Mercy For Animals
Animal Equality

Give Back To Support Sick Children
Seen In: Article: The Everyday Super Hero, Spidey Steve
Hope For Henry
Superheroes For Kids 

Seen In: Article: Make A Wish Foundation 
Make A Wish Foundation

Seen In: SWAC Influencer: Rituel
World Of Children 

Give Back To Support Children in Belize 
Seen In: SWAC Influencer: Interview With Kim Simplis Barrow 
Special Envoy 

Give Back To Support The Deaf Community 
Seen In: Editorial: Ryan Lane, Casper, and Dogs for a Better Life  
Dogs For a Better Life

Seen In: Editorial: Ryan Lane - Climbing Over Obstacles 
Dogs For Better Lives

Give Back To Support Environmental Relief Efforts 
Seen In: Art: Breathing Through Masks
Sierra Club 
Earth Justice
Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment
Heal Utah 

Seen In: Editorial: Meet Renee Peters, AKA Model4greenliving 
Earth Justice

Seen In: Article: “Why I March”
Climate March 
Climate Reality Project

Seen In: Article: Speak For The Trees 
Plant For The Planet 

Seen In: Wellness: Biohack Your Beauty 
Surfrider Foundation 
Save The Bay 
Give A Heart To Africa

Seen In: Article: Detroit Dirt: Protecting Soil For America's Farming Industry 
Detroit Dirt

Seen In: SWAC Fashion: FILSON: National Forest Foundation & Heybrook Lookout Tower 
National Forest Foundation 

Give Back To Support Feminine Health 
Seen In: SWAC Fashion: Learning To Love My Visits With Auntie Flow - Reviewing THINX
United For Access

Give Back To Support The Galapagos Islands
Seen In: Article: Saving The Galapagos 
Zero Fossil Fuels Project 
Galapagos Conservatory 

Give Back To Support General Health and Wellness
Seen In: Editorial: The Heart Of The Desert
Sickle Cell Disease Association of America 

Give Back To Support The Homeless Community
Seen In: Editorial: Interview With Phil Sullivan
I Am Supported

Give Back To Support Latin America 
Seen In: Editorial: Patricia Velazquez - Pulowi Walks On Water
The Wayuu Taya Foundation 

Give Back To Support The LGBTQ Community
Seen In: Editorial: Wilson Cruz

Give Back To Support Native American Rights 
Seen In: Art: Blaine Petrovia - The Native American Pole God
Red Hawk Native American Arts Council
American Indian Community House 

Seen In:Editorial: No Man's Land  
American Indian Community House

Give Back To Support Natural Disaster Relief 
Seen In: Article: First Hand Experience In Puerto Rico Post Hurricane Maria 
The Puerto Rico Community Foundation
Hispanic Federation
The Hope Heros

Seen In: Article: After The Storm Ends
The Hope Heros

Seen In: Article: Christmas In Puerto Rico
The Hope Heros

Give Back To Support New York City Gardens
Seen In: Article: Saving Pleasant Village Community Garden 
Save Pleasant Village Community Garden 
Just Food 
Kick Starter 

Give Back To Support Organizations Fighting Sex Trafficking 
Seen In: Editorial: Battling The Beauty Standard With Mia Kang
Together 1 Heart 

Give Back To Support Correctional Facilities 
Seen In: SWAC Influencer: Shakira Ja’nai Paye Gets Serious
Cut 50 

Give Back To Support Resources for Children 
Seen In: Editorial: Battling The Beauty Standard With Mia Kang
Wor Watthana Muay Thai Gym

 Seen In: Wellness: Biohack Your Beauty  
Speak 4 Silent Voices 

Seen In: SWAC Influencer: Karimah Westbrook Gives Back
A Place Called Home

Seen In: Editorial: Marie Avgeropoulos - We Will Survive Together 
Food For Life Vrindavan 

Give Back To Support Sustainable and Ethical Fashion
Seen In:SWAC Fashion: Eileen Fisher: The First Sustainable Brand & More  

Seen In: SWAC Fashion: INDIGENOUS 
Textile Exchange
Responsible Sourcing Network 
Sustainable Apparel Coalition 
Common Objective 
Canopy Style 
Fashion Revolution 
Safer Made 
Fashion For Good

Give Back To Support Swing Left Organization 
Seen In: SWAC Fashion: Designer: Jonathan Simkhai
Swing Left 

Give Back To Support Women's Rights/Empowerment 
Seen In: SWAC Influencer: Influencer WIth A Voice: Alexa Carlin 

Seen In: Wellness: Biohack Your Beauty  
Give A Heart To Africa 

Seen In: Article: “Why I March” 
Women's March 

Seen In: SWAC Influencer: Jenn Lyon Is Pro-...Women!
A is For 

Seen In: Art: The Liberal Jane 
National Network of Abortion Funds

Seen In: SWAC Influencer: Influencer With A Voice: Ladies Get Paid’s, Claire Wasserman
Ladies Get Paid

Give Back To Support The End Of World Hunger
Seen in: Wellness: Restaurant Review: Organic Krush Restaurant 
No Kid Hungry 
Long Island Cares 

Seen In: Art: TONA Paints Everywhere 
Viva Con Agua