The Best Non Natural Looking Natural Makeup

The Best Non Natural Looking Natural Makeup

In terms of products less laden with questionable chemicals, the beauty industry is coming on in leaps and bounds. There have never been more options for makeup products with ingredients based in nature rather than in a test tube (my understanding of science is rudimentary at best). But for those who enjoy looking a little weird and “unnatural,” you may be of the belief that a more organic, hippie brand won’t cater to you.

But don’t fear! Here are a whole bunch of “natural” makeup that will leave you looking anything but natural.

Tata Harper

Tata Harper is a brand primarily known for killer natural skincare. Literally, the products are made on a ranch in Vermont, which is one of the most appealing sentences I’ve ever written. Alongside a ton of cleansers ‘n’ masks for every need, Tata makes a small but perfectly formed selection of makeup products. Her Volumizing Lip & Cheek Tints are some of the most flattering cream blushes I’ve tried, the Very Illuminating is a beaming cream highlight and her Tinted Lip Treatments give wine mouth in the most perfect way.


Here lies a huge makeup range, particularly fantastic for lovers of color. I particularly favor the Loose Mineral Eye Shadows, which, although a tad messy, give the most stunning opaquely iridescent pigment. Copper Crush and Peach Fetish are neutrals with a twist, and deliver a high impact one-shadow look. I’m also a big fan of the Mineral Blush in Peachy Keen, which gives a fresh-from-the-gym vibe, when we all know that’s not true.


Although their “natural” status is somewhat questionable, you cannot knock the products Tarte brings out. If you want a natural looking yet covering base, their Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation never looks cakey, and their Chrome Paint Shadow Pots are some of the most intense metallics I’ve ever tried. My top pick, however, remains the Gifted Mascara. It adds a ton of volume and length while looking fluffy, not clumpy, and although it’s not waterproof, I’ve never had a smudging or flaking issue.


Vapour have branded themselves as the innovators of healthier alternatives to your favorite products – and they actually deliver. Their Atmosphere Soft Focus Foundation is amazingly blurring and refining while looking surprisingly skin-like, while their Aura Multi Use Stains are some of the longest lasting cream blushes I’ve tried. Their Velvet Glosses are also super gorgeous, both on lips (as intended) and on cheeks and eyes for a sweaty sheen.


Known primarily for their skincare, Antipodes also produce a carfully curated makeup collection – mineral foundation and “Healthy Lipsticks.” The lipsticks are the standout product, delivering high impact pigment which feels creamy without smudging and in a range of fun shades. West Coast Sunset and Piha Beach Tangerine are almost neon in their pigmentation, while Golden Bay Nectar is a beautiful ‘60s-esque peachy nude.


This brand focuses solely on lipsticks, and means business doing so. They have a ton of finishes and shades designed to suit all skin tones, and are made of healthy ingredients you won’t object to smearing in (or at least near) your mouth. Bad is a creamy, delicious chocolate brown, which will look stunning on darker tones, but can also work for paler souls for a dramatic vibe. And Enlighten is a beautiful lilac crystal topcoat, that looks just as gorgeous on lips and cheekbones as on the lips. Both come in supremely satisfying clicky packaging, too.


Gressa are a self-proclaimed “luxury apothecary,” combining skincare with color and not compromising on ingredients. Their Minimalist Corrective Serum Foundation is an extremely surprising product – I’d assumed it would be a barely there skin tint, but this packs a punch in terms of coverage. Its dropper packaging is super smart, because you can add just one drop to a moisturizer or primer and get an extremely natural yet perfected base. Their Illuminating Serum gives an almost holographic highlight, and their Eye Tints (Bronce is my fave) and Lip Boosts (Faris is a perfect bubblegum) don’t skimp on impact, either.


Annie Walton Doyle is a freelance writer based in Manchester, UK. Her work attempts to justify and intellectualize the choices one makes in "personal aesthetics," with a healthy dose of stupidity. When not touching makeup, she enjoys pubs, knitting, nature and mysteries."

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Gray is the New Black - Images by Claudia Paul

Gray is the New Black - Images by Claudia Paul

Designer: Jonathan Simkhai

Designer: Jonathan Simkhai