All in Reviewed

TONA Paints Everywhere

Street art is powerful for so many reasons, it completely changes its surroundings, it is undeniable, and it is free. A street artist can do whatever he or she wants. They put their message out for the world and the world cannot do anything about it buy see it, well, and maybe paint over it.. But there is a lot of power to this freedom. TONA takes advantage of this with his powerful paintings of children that he has painted all over the world and his partnership with Viva con Agua. Please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

After The Storm Ends.. - By Anaveth Vega

After physically surviving hurricane Maria, Anaveth and her family were left with nothing. They were forced to leave their completely destroyed home in Puerto Rico, and become a new version of refugee that climate change is causing, a climate refugee. Dorian just devastated the Bahamas, but these storms do not stop there. Millions of Puerto Ricans are still living with the impact of one storm.. and there are more storms to come. Please click here to read one climate refugee’s story.

Sharon Blynn is Bold, Bald, and Beautiful!

September is National Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month, which is important because ovarian cancer is often known as the silent killer. To be diagnosed is to have around a 30% survival rate, as it is only diagnosed when it is late term cancer. At 28 years old, Sharon Blynn was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. Not only did she survive, but she is stronger than ever! She has become an actress, credits include being in Captain Marvel, and started Bald is Beautiful for other women going through cancer, especially ovarian cancer, to give them a resource and inspiration. To let them know that to be Bald is to be Beautiful!

Wild Soul Project

With the start of NYC Fashion Week on us, it is exciting to see fashion brands who have social causes on the brain and clothing! When fashion makes environmentalism trendy you can have a movement that spreads like wildfires, but wildfires of good. The Wild Soul Project is trying to do just that. They wish to communicate the importance of our plant in an easy approachable way that can become sexy, not just terrifying. And they are doing that with slow fashion, sustainable fabrics, and giving back!

EDITORIAL - The Personalities of Carrie Preston

No one will deny that Carrie Preston takes on complicated characters from a fierce waitress in True Blood, to an extremely intelligent quirky lawyer in The Good Wife/The Good Fight, and currently an identity thief manicurist in Claws, just to name of a few of our favorites. In addition to Carrie being a talented actress, she is also a wonderful director. She is very passionate about focusing on creating pieces that give a voice to the LGBTQ world and women. Please read our exclusive interview here to learn more.

For The Good of the Hive

There are a lot of ways to start the conversation of environmental protection and climate change, but few are quite as eye catching as what The Good of the Hive is doing! Matthew Willey was inspired by one honey bee and it changed his live. Now he spreads the world of environmental awareness and the need for bees in huge stunning murals around The United States. To learn more about The Good of the Hive and bees, please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

Jennifer Cheon Garcia Wants To Change The World

Humans are creatures of habit. Ergo, when they see something that is different than what they are use to, sadly, many respond in fear rather than love and curiosity. This is what Jennifer Cheon Garcia learned growing up in a small town in Canada. Learn how Jennifer overcame the impact that bully had on her life, and her thoughts on bullying nowadays, in Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

Lisa Linke Says Her Period Piece

After interviewing Lisa Linke, I knew I needed to have a new best friend. She is talented, passionate, hilarious, and tells it how it is. There were more than five times I found myself wanting to shout “hells yeah!” to her comments about women’s rights, equality, voting, and getting to know one’s period. Please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here. I know you will love her as much as I do!

Jenn Lyon Is Pro-...Women!

The new abortion laws that are rapidly being passed and proposed across our country are easily on the mind of most women in the US, but I know one southern belle who is speaking out! Jenn Lyon’s does more than take on passionate characters, but she is using her voice to speak out against the restrictions that are being put on women’s bodies and fighting for women’s rights. To learn more about Jenn and what she stands for, please read further in our exclusive interview here.

Karimah Westbrook Gives Back

Karimah Westbrook not only plays a passionate mother on CW’s All American, but she gives back to South Central Los Angeles’s youth through an amazing organization call A Place Called Home. To learn more about Karimah and A Place Called Home, please read further in Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

For The Love Of Pole

Hello, my name is Kira, and I’m a pole dancer. If there is an addiction to have, this is the one. Pole dancing has changed my life only for the better, like many others, but don’t just let me tell you that. Jejune was lucky enough to interview nine amazing dancers. Click here to learn more about the pole community and the inspiring people in it!