Scarlett Hao -- Influencer With A Cause

Scarlett Hao -- Influencer With A Cause



I had the pleasure of meeting Scarlett during Fashion Week last February.  I was immediately interested in knowing more about her style.  She was captivating and you could tell she LOVES what she does.  Upon this first glance, I looked her up on Instagram, and was blown away.  Her page is fun, positive, fashionable and I wanted more.  Secondly, Scarlett breaks the norm from her Chinese background, you don't have to be skinny to be beautiful.  You just have to believe in yourself.  Scarlett is taking us to another level.  Because of this, I invited her to our Jejune, "Natural Beauty" photo shoot for her to style two looks to kick off our new Influencer With A Cause feature.  Here they are...check Scarlett Hao out ASAP, you won't regret it!  Instagram: @scarletthalo

Foreword, Written by Alison Hernon, Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine

Scarlett is wearing dress by  Zara , Boots by  Missguided , and Earrings by  Baublebar . 

Scarlett is wearing dress by Zara, Boots by Missguided, and Earrings by Baublebar

1. Name: Scarlett Hao

2. Where are you based?  New York City

3. How did you get started as an Influencer? 

I started in the fashion public relations field and was working on other brands’ social media which made me realize I am really into influencer marketing and want to become one myself.  I started to build a personal brand.  So far it has been almost three years, since July 2015

4. Can you please describe what being an influencer means to you?

I think it is a kind of motivation to me. It motivates me to keep improving my fashion style, and producing better contents. Besides, it means more responsibility. I want to pass that positive message and energy not only to people around me but also to people in the online community. 

5. What are your day to day duties?

Constantly communicating with PR agencies and brands via emails and/or meetings to promote clothing brands.  Because of this, I am regularly planning photoshoots for content of my social media platforms.  I attend fashion events and previews to promote my image and style on a daily basis.

6. What are your inspirations for putting together your outfits seen here in Jejune?

I love colorful and fun pieces that make me feel fun and happy. Of course, cohesive elements are also important. Especially it’s spring already, so I want like to add some floral details in my looks.

7. How do you keep up on trends?

Fashion is always my passion, especially after I started working in this industry, all the trends are everywhere in my daily life, it’s very hard to ignore them, hahahh...

8. What does it mean to you to be body positive?

To me it means to accept who I am, love my body, celebrate my imperfections, and compliment my body with great personal styles. As a curvy women myself, I would love to empower and inspire women all over the world, help them discover their true beauty and gives them the confidence they need to feel beautiful beyond size and body type. 

9. What can individuals do to improve this issue?

I never want to change anyone’s opinions, all I want to do is to enrich our society with diversity and possibility. I hope every single one in this world can be more open-minded and less judgment, especially when it comes to other people’s body.

10. Do you have a diet/workout regimen or philosophy?

I like yoga and hot yoga. It helps me refresh and stretch my body. I believe a flexible and soft body is important but it is irrelative to body types. To me workout is a great way to maintain healthy lifestyle, not to lose weight.

11. What is the one thing you love about your body?

I love every part of my body! 

12. For Curve sizing, is clothing becoming more attainable?

I am happy to see curvy/plus-size become more and more acceptable in the fashion world and been appreciate by the public. More fast fashion brands and curvy related brands begin to produce plus size/curvy fit lines, that makes life easier when it comes to buy clothes. However, it would be nice to see more designer brands start to pay attention to plus-sized customers as well.

13. How do you feel plus-size fashion is viewed by the fashion world at large?

I think back in the days, the fashion world believed only shinny or certain people can represent beautiful and fashionable clothing, but reality is that we have various body types. Nowadays, because of social media, fashion industry finally realizes the big market and the huge purchasing power are from plus-sized customers.

14. What do you think is the biggest misconception for plus size? And, why do you think this exists?

Plus size equals to ugly. Because it is against the beauty standard that media built up for us, which is “You have to be skinny to be beautiful”. In the traditional media days, everything needs to be proved to publish and show to the public, that’s why we only hear the one type of voice.

15. Who are your favorite designers?

There are so many! Gucci, Balenciaga, Jacquemus, MSGM, Alice&Olivia, Milly and more.

16. How has the plus blogging world changed since you started?

As a Chinese woman, I grow up with the Asian beauty stand “the more skinny the beautiful you are”. That challenged me to identify my own beauty since I was a young girl. But that also pushed me to keep discovering my beauty from more angles and learning how to love myself. Nowadays, I try to use my own social power and create contents to inspire the Asian community to value diversity kind of beauty. But obviously the plus size industry is still dominated by white and black women. My Chinese culture made me stood up for the Asian women to be body positive and add a new voice to the global curvy/plus-size industry. I am happy to see more and more brands to realize they need to include Asian customers to their market demographics and willing to put efforts to rich out Asian target audiences. I would love to become the bridge to open more doors for both sides.


Scarlett is wearing: Yellow sweater by  Primark , Skirt by  Jason Wu Grey , Handbag by  Anya Hindmarch , Shoes by  Jeffrey Campbell , and Earrings by .   Photography Credits for Imagery:   Photography:  Kira Bucca   Hair:  Cindy Adams  @  Halley Resources   Make-up:  Abraham Sprinkle  @  Kate Ryan Inc .  Model & Stylist:  Scarlett Hao          

Scarlett is wearing: Yellow sweater by Primark, Skirt by Jason Wu Grey, Handbag by Anya Hindmarch, Shoes by Jeffrey Campbell, and Earrings by

Photography Credits for Imagery:

Photography: Kira Bucca

Hair: Cindy Adams @ Halley Resources

Make-up: Abraham Sprinkle @ Kate Ryan Inc.

Model & Stylist: Scarlett Hao




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