The Newthings Interview

The Newthings Interview

The Newthings Interview


Photographer: Kira Bucca, Fashion Stylist: Alison Hernon, Model: Laith Ashley, Groomer: Joshua Barrett

Featured Artist: NEWTHINGS
Enclosed is a photo of one the looks of NEWTHINGS, a unisex line based in New York City, on actor, Laith Ashley. 

In my interview with the Designers/Owners, Ricardo Reyes and Edwin David Bolta, the driving forces behind the NEWTHINGS collection, I felt their passion for their art. They spoke about what a unisex brand means to them; there are no labels, everyone is unique, and everyone loves everyone, we are all complex and let’s embrace that attitude.

They invited me to 8 Ball Radio Station, where I was a guest on their show.  The show is a political venue that features various local artists whom discuss current world news. I found the whole experience fun and something everyone should do. 

1. You were childhood friends, how did you connect? They met at a bus stop in the fifth grade. Raised in Long Island, Edwin inserted himself into Ricardo’s life. Eight year old Edwin introduced himself and offered to shake hands with Ricardo (Ricky). They quickly became best buds. Even though Edwin moved a lot growing up, they kept in touch and remained tight. 

2. Tell me your story and how you started this label/company? While in college, they started a company, CheckMinus, which sold t-shirts at a skate shop in Long Island. After finishing college, they started a Creative Agency, which led to growing connections that led to the establishment of NEWTHINGS magazine.  NEWTHINGS magazine featured eclectic and upcoming artists from fields such as music, fashion, and design. Their philosophy is for everything to happen “organically.” The digital photography featured in the magazine led to friendly relationships with artists, gallery owners, restaurateurs, and designers. They decided not only to conduct interviews but also to create their own product and vision. This transpired to NEWTHINGS clothing line. Edwin studied Art & Graphic Design, while Ricky studied Fashion Design. Their collaboration led to a gender neutral brand. As they put it, “everyone is for everyone, we don’t like to put our items in a box.” 

3. Besides crossing genders, what about crossing culture? According to them, NEWTHINGS is an “Alternate Culture,” with the brand encompassing an overall idea of how they see the world through their own world. “One collection of products, anybody, anytime can wear it.” 

4. What is the percentage of male/female client base? 50/50%. 

5. How do they feel a customer can benefit from buying a Unisex collection?  “Creating something [that] doesn’t exist; [that is] open to everyone; [doing these things] you find a piece of yourself within the brand, growing with us and creating a culture.” 

6. How do they define the gender lines these days? “People are trying to find their own identity.” Edwin growing up felt more like a female because he likes to express his emotions. He felt expressing himself was easier with his female relatives, but physically he liked looking masculine with his hairy legs and arms. Some of his comments included, “How complex someone can be… it doesn’t really matter, it’s just how I feel” “Putting labels on people; I am attracted to women, but what does that mean?” “Inside my soul, I feel like I have a female soul.” “That’s how [we] see NEWTHINGS.” “Everything is everything, and love Everybody.” 

7. Do they think gender biases have gotten better or worse over the years? “Better…but slowly.” 

8. What are their thoughts on the bathroom issue and transgender rights? “It’s cool, everyone should be able to use every bathroom. If I had a child, I would feel comfortable with a Transgender person there.” 

9. Are any celebrities wearing it? Jay Boogie; Cakes da the killa, and upcoming artists, Nar. Paper Magazine has featured NEWTHINGS. 

10. Strut Actor, Transgender star, Laith Ashley is featured in your outfit? How do you feel about this? “That’s Amazing! Laith is a sexy man. He seems like a nice person and that’s all that matters. We just want good people in our clothing.” 

11. Where could a customer buy these products?; NEWTHINGS CREATIVE SOLUTIONS, spring / summer 2014 - fool capsule. fall / winter 2014 - new civilization. spring / summer 2015 capsule. fall / winter 2015 - new archetype. spring / summer 2016 … 

12. Please provide your Instagram info for people to follow? Instagram: @newthings.creative 

13. How do they feel about the recent presidential election? Did they change anything with their current routine or thought process? “Become more political; everyone has.” “During the election, rightnowzine was found by us.” Rightnowzine is an art exhibition that expresses how you feel about today by art, poem, photo and painting. Next came 8 Ball radio show, topics of today, started this bi-weekly segment; NEWTHINGS RIGHT NOW AUDIO. This program is a group of artists that lead a political discussion through topics they are given. 

14. As consumers, what do they feel is missing from magazines? All they are are commercials, “nothing in a magazine that you want to read.” Because of this, they haven’t purchased a magazine in five years. “Nothing is pure, nothing is real.” “No one is amazed [by] what’s going on.”

 Alison Hernon, Fashion Director at Jejune Magazine


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Meet Laith Ashley

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