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Sonica Sarna Design Is All The Buzz Words!

It is very important to buy from ethical designers, but how are these designers sustainable? Where do they get their fabrics? Who is making them? Well, the answer is companies, people, and amazing ethical manufacturers, like Sonica Sarna Design. Sonica works predominately with Indian women to make ethical/sustainable/eco-friendly/organic fabrics and clothing for designers all over the world. To learn more about Sonica Sarna Design, and her approach, please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

Wild Soul Project

With the start of NYC Fashion Week on us, it is exciting to see fashion brands who have social causes on the brain and clothing! When fashion makes environmentalism trendy you can have a movement that spreads like wildfires, but wildfires of good. The Wild Soul Project is trying to do just that. They wish to communicate the importance of our plant in an easy approachable way that can become sexy, not just terrifying. And they are doing that with slow fashion, sustainable fabrics, and giving back!


Indigenous, defined by google is originating or occurring naturally in a particular place. What a name for a clothing brand. Click here to learn more about this amazing brand, that was sustainable before that was a thing, and how they help improve the lives of the local native populations in Peru.

NYFW Exclusive: LANDEROS NYFW19 fashion show, NOCTURNE, by designer Andre Landeros Michel.

LANDEROS NY has been carving a name for itself in the fashion scene since 2013. Inspired by Michel's "club kid" days, LANDEROS NY channels the aesthetics of New York's goth, new wave, and punk nightlife. LANDEROS NY is a self-described "genderless" clothing brand, distinguishing itself with bold cuts anyone can wear on a night out. See more from his latest NYFW19 show here!