Fall'n for Green

Fall'n for Green


This is our first sustainable fashion feature story, which provides the tear sheets for designers and shows how they are sustainable. I had so much fun styling this shoot, and loved all the fabrics and prints that were offered. I have put together a rolodex of 100 sustainable contacts; this is just the beginning. One of the featured designers, Regina Serecin, designed a few pieces for me that are made out of recycled fabric. I just feel better already wearing it and proud of it. I feel that we are at a time when we want to evaluate how we spend our money and where the money is going. Let’s eliminate waste.

When slow fashion first started, the clothes were on the frumpy side, but now the industry is booming. The Millennial generation leads this fashion, and they are conscious about what they purchase and wear.

It’s that time of year where it starts to get cold, and you just want to cozy up and watch some flicks. If you are looking for recommendations, please reference our previous article on fashion documentaries: https://www.jejunemagazine.com/home/2018/2/24/fashion-documentaries, by Rose Mae Turner, which highlights some of the relevant fashion movies to watch, for example: Alex James: Slowing Down Fast Fashion (2016).

Foreword by Alison Hernon, Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine

Vagamundo Style

Vagamundo is a boho-chic fashion brand specializing in repurposing silk saris, vintage textiles, and luxury fabrics found all over the world, to create a sustainable collection of unique, one of a kind pieces.  Vagamundo co-founders use their travel adventures as inspiration to create this eco-friendly line. 

Modern Vice

Modern Vice Boots are crafted from quality leather made in Italy and are made ready to order, which prevents overstock waste and lessens production costs.


M.Patmos creates personal clothing, with a unique story behind each clothing piece. This refined, yet luxury clothing brand is made from individuals working under safe labor conditions and for a fair wage.

Ace & Jig

Ace & Jig creates their own textile designs with their manufacturing partners in India. Under their holistic kaizen policy which means “continuing to improve,” Jenna Wilson and Cary Vaughan work one-on-one with master weavers to create authentic fabrics. This women’s collection produces fashion using the following core values: no waste, slow fashion, lifespan, ecology, giving back, and community.  

Melissa Manning Joy

Melissa Joy Manning is a jewelry company that locally hand produces all their products. This handmade production technique eliminates waste and pollution. We use 100% recycled metal and the production studio is certified green by the State of  California. 

John Paul Ataker

John Paul Ataker is a luxury clothing brand with a mission to provide high-quality clothing from personal craftsmanship that is customized and made to measure. Learn more in a previous article in Jejune about the designer’s take towards Slow Fashion: https://www.jejunemagazine.com/home/2018/5/12/fashion-designer-john-paul-ataker


Eileen Fisher uses organic cotton and linen, which is grown without the use of pesticides and other harmful chemicals that can be toxic to the environment. They are bluesign certified, meaning all fabrics are dyed with environmentally-friendly chemicals that preserve water and energy. The company also works to provide safe and fair labor conditions for their employees, working to fight against human trafficking and slavery. 

LAND -- Land Of Distraction

Land Of Distraction’s brand embodies their motto, which embraces clothing that is playful yet practical.

LAND of distraction is proud to serve as the exclusive apparel partner to The United State of Women, a national organization for women who see a bright future in America for all women to survive + thrive. USOW amplifies the work of organizations + individuals at the forefront of the fight for women’s equality, + provides tools, access + connections that help women see + step into their power to break down the barriers that hold women back.


Massimo Dutti

Massimo Dutti is committed to producing products that sustain natural resources. Part of what makes Massimo Dutti unique is their efforts with Fundació Molí d’en Puigvert, a social rehabilitation and professional workplace program for people with mental disorders in the Maresme Region. Massimo Dutti creates a healthy brand by lessening the environmental impact from production and increasing the well-being of their staff by employing individuals suffering from mental disorders.


Osei-Duro produces in Ghana and emphasize a practice of social responsibility and transparency. They use a variety of processes to produce hybrid materials including hand weaving, hand crochet, batik, hand painting, natural indigo dye and more.

Angela Roi

Angela Roi’s vegan handbags stem from the belief that fashion should not be cruel. The brand is fueled by a love for animals and a passion for stopping their mistreatment.


INDIGENOUS is a sustainable fashion brand handcrafted by artisans in Peru and inspired by the country's long history of textile design. Since 1994, INDIGENOUS has been affecting positive change in the fashion industry and the world, creating ethical clothing that is 100% organic and always fair trade.

Bourgeois Boheme Shoes

Bourgeois Boheme makes shoes from an ethical production that is transparent and free from animal products, using leather alternatives that aren’t harmful to the environment. All their products are free from PVC, a toxic plastic commonly used in the production of non-leather shoes. 

Regina Serecin

Regina used for the Patch Pants recycled fabric.

Michell Cameau • Agency Gerard • Using Eufora Hair Care

Eufora is dedicated to embracing sustainable practices in every phase of our business. Eufora uses raw materials and here is how they are evaluated on three key impact factors.

  • Ecologically Correct Harvesting

    The environment where the raw material originates is respected and
 safely maintained. Harvesting is done in a responsible manner, and 
the natural environment is not depleted or destroyed.

  • Socially Fair Practices
    Practices must deliver positive benefit to the communities that grow, 
produce and live in the area from which materials are harvested.

  • Economically Fair Trade
    Processes must align in value with the cost to ensure fair demand for
 materials. Eufora strives to always be a positive contributor to the global
 community. Eufora leadership and Salon Partners work locally to
 support charitable partners such as Childhelp, dedicating time and 
 resources to improve the quality of life for those in need.

Adaptogens for Beauty By Dora Vandekamp

Adaptogens for Beauty By Dora Vandekamp

Blaine Petrovia - The Native American Pole God

Blaine Petrovia - The Native American Pole God