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COVER: Daniella Monet Helps The World Be Cruelty-Free

In a time when the world can seem so cruel, Daniella Monet is bringing in life in more ways than one! This talented actress and singer isn’t letting motherhood slow her down when it comes to helping save the planet and animals. As a passionate vegan and animal rights activist since the age of five, she is not only a huge voice for the movement, but she will help you get there with her three vegan business ventures! To learn more, please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

EDITORIAL - Getting Real With Colin Egglesfield

You may know Colin Egglesfield from his long list of acting roles, or him being named one of People Magazine’s “Sexiest Man Alive”, but do you know that he is a two times cancer survivor. He also volunteers with kids suffering with cancer and helps support kids in under-served communities. Colin opens up with Jejune about his cancer journey, and his ongoing projects, in our exclusive interview below.

COVER: Dancing with Cynthia Bailey

Cynthia Bailey is a force of nature: from top model, to actress, to reality TV star, to powerhouse entrepreneur! Oh, and in her spare time she helps train women and men in self-etiquette, self confidence and self-promotion in the fashion industry. Giving them tools that can transfer anywhere else in their life. Basically, how to “Be Better”! To learn more about this strong woman, please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

EDITORIAL - The Personalities of Carrie Preston

No one will deny that Carrie Preston takes on complicated characters from a fierce waitress in True Blood, to an extremely intelligent quirky lawyer in The Good Wife/The Good Fight, and currently an identity thief manicurist in Claws, just to name of a few of our favorites. In addition to Carrie being a talented actress, she is also a wonderful director. She is very passionate about focusing on creating pieces that give a voice to the LGBTQ world and women. Please read our exclusive interview here to learn more.

COVER - Patricia Velásquez - Pulowi Walks On Earth

Patricia Velásquez brings kindness and love into everything she does, from being a super model, actress, mother, and through her NGO, The Wayuu Taya Foundation. The Wayuu Taya Foundation aids indigenous populations in Venezuela. However, the current political climate has just made life in Venezuela terrifying. Learn more about Patricia Velásquez, The Wayuu Taya Foundation, and what you can do to help, here!


BPM - beat per minute. There are many ways to love and celebrate your body: eating healthy, dancing in front of your mirror, buying clothing that makes you feel good, and working out. That’s why we are excited over Ted Sun’s new editorial with French ex-pro basketball player, Chris Kadima at Wilhelmina Sports & Fitness, where he shows us some of his moves.

COVER STORY - Marie Avgeropoulos - We Will Survive Together

Marie Avgeropoulos may be a complete bad ass on CW’s 100, in her role of Octavia Blake, but in real life she is so much more! This snowboarding Canadian, in addition to being proud to play such a strong woman on TV, is working towards making strong girls and women in India through Food For Life Vrindavan (FFLV), a nonprofit devoted to educating low-income girls in India. Please click here to learn more about Marie Avgeropoulos, FFLV, and how you can get involved!

COVER STORY - Elliott Sailors

There are only a few people in the world who can be a fashion model. You have to have the right height, weight, and look. There is an incredible amount of pressure put on women and men to change their look, stay young, be current, and to have enough followers. Now try doing that as both sexes. Elliot Sailors is one of very few amazing talents capable of pulling this off.