Jejune Magazine highlights model Luna Castilho for Gray Care Kids , a charity she founded which helps underprivileged kids with cancer in Brazil. Here is the exclusive interview, together with an editorial, video, and stills that also include model Alejandra Cata. The title of the story Rituel, a French word for “ritual.” With the added flair of lingerie this reflects women’s sensuality, a sort of a ceremony to seduce and spellbound the audience. 

1. Name: 
Luna Castilho

2. Where are you located? 
New York City

3. Please tell us about yourself?  What do you do?
I started modeling when I was 12 years old. I was discovered while I played with my little brother at a beach in Brazil. I moved to Sao Paulo when I was 15 to pursue modeling full time and began to travel the world for work. In 2011, I traveled to New York to work with One Management and made it my home ever since. In 2013, I founded Gray TV and the charity Gray Care Kids which helps underprivileged kids with cancer in Brazil. Fitness and spirituality are a big part of my life. I seek new adventures, new countries and new cultures as I find that there is always something wonderfully new to be found. 

4. Where are you from? 
I grew up in a small beach in Brazil called Itacoatiara, which means carved stone is a native word; this is located in the city of Niteroi - Rio de Janeiro. I was very connected with nature, at the beach, surfing, hiking, swimming, biking,  paddle boarding, and playing capoeira. I had an incredible childhood filled with everything I find essential in life: love, happiness, friends, family, nature and the sea.

5. Please tell us about the charity, “Gray Care Kids” and what is it about? Gray Care Kids was a small institution that I founded together with my ex husband after fighting his cancer for two years. During his chemotherapy, which lasted the course of 9 months, I started spending a lot of time in the hospital and in contact with kids that were going through the same painful treatment.

I discovered 3/4 of this hospital was dedicated to the families who couldn’t afford either heath insurance or to pay for this expensive treatment. I was touched and tried to do everything in my power to help and that’s how Gray Care Kids was created. We started by helping basic needs in the hospital, buying diapers, medications, and covering  travel expenses of families that had to travel to get the treatment.

Unfortunately a little over a year ago, the hospital we used to help closed the pediatric center.  About the same time I was introduced to the organization World of Children by one of the board members Sandy Sholl and I’ve been a proud supporter ever since. World of Children unlocks the future for vulnerable children by funding, elevating and educating the most effective change makers for children worldwide.

6. How can our readers get involved? 
Anyone can get involved and be a hero. You can start by donating big or small it’s your will to help that matters.

Be a hero: https://donate.worldofchildren.org/give/183266/#!/donation/checkout


7. You seem really into fitness. Please tell us about your fitness routine?  And, what’s your favorite sport?
Eight years ago is when I really started to learn to be aware of my mind, my health and to accept my body. Working out not only because you want to look better, but because you want to be stronger, healthier and because it's a part of who you are. I don’t workout anymore to look a certain way, I workout to stay sane, to improve my performance and to challenge my focus and my goals. I am a firm believer that the way you approach fitness can translate in every other area of your life. 

My fitness routine is based on at least one high intensive workout per day. This could mean a boxing class, running, gymnastics, CrossFit, HITT, boot camp and when possible followed by a second workout of low intensity such as yoga, pilates, vixen, meditation or stretching. My favorite Yoga practice is the Yin Yoga; is a slow-paced style of yoga with meditation and postures, or asanas, that are held for longer periods of time.

I really appreciate seasonal sports, such as ski, surf, swimming, hiking, long runs at the beach, skydiving, and scuba diving. 

8. Does the modeling industry support fitness?
I’d say that we are getting there. I’ve always been an athletic girl, with an athletic figure. I’ve been in the industry for about 14 years and during most of my time I was told that I had to get thinner and that my measurements were too big in a time where my body as a woman was not even developed yet.  Of course I’ve seen a big change since then, and I’m really happy to see the industry embracing plus size models and all ethnicities.


9. Why is it important to you?
‘Mens sana in corpore sano’ which means a” healthy mind in a health body”. In my opinion working out is fundamental to develop a healthy and strong mind. During the workout you have so many hormonal responses one of them being the endorphin which produce the feeling of euphoria; makes you feel happier. Working out on a regular basis can also prevent many chronic disease such as obesity, diabetes, cardiovascular.

Honestly the most interesting and successful men and women I had the pleasure to know treat their workouts as they treat their jobs; with discipline, focus and as a part of their daily routine. It’s not every day that you will feel like working out, but I can guarantee once you go you will leave feeling happier, more relaxed, proud of what you accomplish and ready to take over the world.

10. What is your motto in life?
My motto in life is to be the best version of myself I can be. To inspire people to be better and do better. I want to make people understand that true beauty comes from within.

11. Social Media Info: @lunacastilho

12. Website Infowww.lunacastilho.com


Photographer & Videographer: Sophie Pangrazzi
Video Editor: Evan Hand
Models: Luna Castilho & Alejandra Cata @ One Model Management
Hair & Makeup: Alfred Lester @Utopia Agency
Fashion Stylist: Cristina Breslin @Bryan Bantry

*Interview by Alison Hernon, Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine



Vegan Ballerina: Agnes Muljadi

Vegan Ballerina: Agnes Muljadi