Always Hungry Fashion

Always Hungry Fashion

Always Hungry Fashion


Please tell me the owner names of Always Hungry Fashion.

Clemens Kohlbacher (CEO & FOUNDER) and Juliane Schneider (FOUNDER)

How did the two of you come together to launch:  Always Hungry Fashion?

This is a funny story and it was rather a coincidence that we met in the first place. Juliane bought something from my other ecommerce store about a year ago. I received an order email with her homepage on it.  I checked it out and was quite interested about her story since she has founded several companies herself in Berlin, Germany. 

I reached out to her and arranged a Skype Meeting. We got along pretty well and decided to do start a business together. Since we are both vegan and in fair fashion we come up with the label Always Hungry.

Where are you based?

Vienna & Berlin

What is your philosophy on the product? 

Making fair and sustainable fashion look fancy.  We work with independent freelance designers all over the world.


I love the spit your shirts rock, what made you decide to create clothing with attitude?

There are already quite a lot of vegan t shirt brands out there but most of them are a little boring and looked quite “vegan” if you know what I mean. We wanted to something with more of an edge.

I love that your products are a 100% Fair, Organic and Vegan.  How did you make all of this happen?

Well, I spent a lot time on the internet looking for the right manufacture.

Are you a vegan and/or vegetarian yourself?

Yes ;).


I love that 5% of your profits go to the animals. What is the actual Animal charity that your company supports? 

African Wildlife Foundation.

What made you decide to do this?

Giving something back in key in life :)

What is the price point of your t-shirts and tank tops?

Currently we sell them for $34.90. If the order quantity keeps increasing we can increase the production volume and therefore lower the costs.


What do you think of sustainable fashion? 

Sustainability is becoming more important in every area of life. Fashion is one of the biggest and dirtiest industries in the world. It is very important for me to shop sustainable clothings.

Do you actually make a habit to wear more sustainable clothing?

Yes. Majority of my clothes are from sustainable companies.

Tell us why you think Fair Trade is so important right now? 

Obviously it is important that every human that is part of the manufacturing process gets paid a fair wage.


To Jejune Magazine, it tell us a lot about accessing high quality products to support the environment, healthy workers, and you are making a difference in the lives of people. I love your phrases on the shirts… Have you received any press on Always Hungry Fashion. If so, please list.

No we just started this summer :)

What is your biggest seller?

Eat Pussy Not Animals ;)


Is your product only sold on your website? If not, please list.

Currently we exclusively sell online but definitely looking for offline distributors or retailers. Feel free to contact us for collaborations! 

Instagram: @alwayshungryfashion


Produced by Alison Hernon, Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine


Clemens Kohlbacher (CEO & FOUNDER) of Always Hungry Fashion


Juliane Schneider (FOUNDER) of Always Hungry Fashion

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