Doing/Living Marketplace

Doing/Living Marketplace

Doing/Living Marketplace

Doing/Living is a new concept located in the heart of New York City.  The membership offers work space integrated with yoga, relaxation and various techniques of taking care of yourself.  In the bustle of New York City, how do we have time to relax, go to the gym, and separate ourselves from work and even just pause for a moment.  With the pressure of making money due to high costs and lots of competition, we feel the need to excel.  Doing/Living's business strategy is to offer a work space but keep your mind and body healthy.  Doesn't that make us perform even better, by just feeling good and accomplished all at once?  -- Alison Hernon, Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine


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Please tell us about Doing/Living?

The DOING/LIVING marketplace was born out of a need for brands and individuals who believe in community over competition to cohabitate under one roof, in this case, a reinterpretation of a four-story landmark building on "billionaires row" in New York City. The vertical marketplace merges brands & individuals in service of community, synthesizing retail with pop culture under one roof. We are at this location, 218 W 57th in Manhattan, until October 15th and then other future pop-up experiences and marketplaces are to come!

Owner Names of Doing/Living:

Alyson Charles & Juliet Silva-Yee

Please tell us how you started Doing/Living and when do you launch the company?
Juliet Silva Yee had been a celebrity makeup artist for many years but began to switch her focus to creating and producing pop-up’s in the categories of art, beauty and wellness. It was during this time that the work of television host and shaman, Alyson Charles, got connected with Juliet Silva-Yee into  pop-up world and we quickly expanded into a Hampton’s retreat, monthly events at top-rated hotels and additional philanthropic initiatives began to activate. While simultaneously producing these passion-based pop-ups, the concept of DOING / LIVING was birthed and we fully launched our concept this summer and fall in NYC.

Where are you based? 

New York City, but we produce pop-up's in LA and San Francisco as well.

I love the integration of work, community and work/health balance. What is your take on that? Do you apply that into your personal life? 

The irony of this project and with starting any new major venture, is the practice of finding that work / life / health balance. In all honesty, it can feel almost impossible to maintain a perfect balance when in a start-up phase- I am a work in progress and I strive to find moments to pause and breathe at the very least. I also do my best to attend the events we host, as many of them are healing-based (breathwork, meditation, massage, shamanic journeying. Yoga etc…) The importance behind building the DOING / LIVING sanctuary, is exactly that, I need a safe space in the concrete jungle where I can self care while engaging in a community that provides the support that is needed to live a balanced life. 

The city is hungry for a sanctuary such a marketplace; where artists and makers have access to affordable space to create. Where healers and those seeking support have a safe space to reboot. Where community members know that every product has been curated with purpose, made of the highest quality and safe to incorporate into their lives.

How does it work to join? 

Right now we are an open-arms marketplace and mission-based community, we truly welcome everyone. Inclusivity, diversity, accessibility and culture are pillars of utmost importance to us and education is a main priority. We truly believe in community over competition-- we are open to emerging and established brands, artists and practitioners who share a similar ethos; those that are passionate and social impact potentially co-creating with us and while most events we do are ticketed, anyone is able to purchase a ticket to a DOING / LIVING experience, talk, retreat and attend. Alyson recently launched the premier episode of DOING / LIVING LIVE – a live interview series featuring top visionaries positively changing the planet and you are also able to be a part of the show audience and immerse not only in the interview but also a brief guided meditation lead by Alyson.

We’ve shown the work of over 100 artists and makers since we launched the first Pop-Up Art Event. Fun fact: One of our Inaugural Pop-Up Art Event Exhibited at the Museum City of New York several months after the inaugural pop-up. 

Do you have to verify that you are an actual artist? 

We do have a vetting process 

How long have you been around? 
The physical marketplace pop-up has been open all summer and will remain open until Oct 15 but we will continue to provide a wide-range of events, experiences and pop-ups both here in NYC and on the West Coast. Alyson is hosting a “Best Year Yet Retreat” in conjunction with DOING / LIVING at the country’s top-rated resort, Rancho Valencia January 28-31, 2018.

We launched the first Pop-Up Art Event during NYFW ’12, rolled out the Apothecary Pop-Up in ’14, Doing Living, Group '16 and Doing/Living marketplace summer ’17.

Who are some of the artists that you host? 
Meghan Keene, Reut Asimini, Charlotte Becket, Chris Beckman, Alva CalyMayor, Graciela Cassel, Amie Cunat, Jeremy August Haik, Roxanne Jackson, Ambre Kelly, Aaron Krach, Alison Kudlow, Otto Milo, Jonathan Rider, Ross Sonnenberg, Christopher Stout, Brett Swanson, Jenny Wong-Stanley, Zuzanna Kozlowski.

When is your next event? Tell us about it. 
We host weekly events -- up next is “Flow + Chill and Chair Massages” in partnership with Exhale Spa, a hurricane and Earthquake relief event with NY Yoga Life Magazine, Natural Beauty Expert Rebecca Casciano hosting Sacred Beauty Bar, resident shaman Alyson Charles aka RockStar Shaman continuing her weekly AWAKENING 101 event series and former MTV VJ Quddus Philippe hosting his three day intensive workshop “Camera Ready.”

Alyson writes a monthly horoscope for Well+Good as well- here is the Oct reading if you would like to read/include:

What are the services that are offered if you are a member? 
Daily/Weekly classes workshops and events such as (but not limited to) yoga, meditation, craft workshops, crystal healing, educational and entrepreneurial panel discussions, speaker series and book launches, networking events for the art, beauty, fashion and well-being communities. 

Where are you located? 
Manhattan / Proof of Concept is located in the historic landmark building located at 218 w. 57th St (formerly Lee's Art Studio) a block away from Carnegie Hall and neighbors Dior, Tiffany's, Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.  
We are excited that our mission and concept are being so well-received and happy to see such huge interest in people, brands, events and experiences that are positively-shaping the world and contributing to greater oneness and compassion.

What is your social media? 
Instagram @doingliving
Facebook @DoingLivingmarketplace +

Alyson Charles & Juliet Silva-Yee: Doing/Living

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