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Smoothie Beauty 

Interview by Alison Hernon

Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine


Photo from Smoothie Beauty Website

Photo from Smoothie Beauty Website

Business Website:

  1. Name: Stephanie Peterson

  2. Title: Founder/President

  3. Please describe Smoothie Beauty.

    Smoothie Beauty is essentially DIY fresh face masks, but we do all of the work for you! We have 8 fresh face masks in our core line and a new seasonal mask every month. Each fresh face mask targets different skin types and benefits. They are all made with organic food- based ingredients so they can technically be eaten and do not contain any preservatives or additives. Therefore, we keep them fresh through refrigeration. Due to the freshness of our fresh face masks, we offer our masks as a subscription, so each month you can have a fresh supply cold-shipped to your door and ready to use. We also have Smoother Boosters that boost the benefits of our face masks with potent ingredients such as activated charcoal, matcha, pearl, and moringa. As well as facial mists that are comprised of organic food-grade hydrosols that calm, heal, tone, and cool your skin. Ultimately, Smoothie Beauty is food for your skin!

4. What is the company’s mission statement?

At Smoothie Beauty, we believe in the universal, restorative power of pure and simple foods: inside and out. Humble ingredients and an honest approach - that's our recipe for a healthier you. 

Photo taken from Smoothie Beauty Website, featuring Stephanie Peterson

Photo taken from Smoothie Beauty Website, featuring Stephanie Peterson

5. Where do you source your products from?

We ethically source ingredients both locally and from all over the world.  For example we work with an amazing manuka honey farm in New Zealand that hand extracts their honey from their ethically managed hives and of course does not use any nasties.

6. How do you insure the products are made with fresh organic ingredients?

We only use ingredients that are certified organic, we try our best to forge a personal relationship with our suppliers, and we have rigorous quality control during production so that only the freshest organic ingredients are added into our products.

 7. How did you start Smoothie Beauty?  How did being a model influence you to start a health skincare brand? 

As an international model I have used numerous skincare products throughout my career. However, it wasn’t until I started my health/ beauty blog, The Global Beauty, that I began to research the harmful effects of the unnecessarily added chemicals to the beauty products that we use on a daily basis.The idea came to me when I was making fresh face masks that I learned from my Korean grandmother for my blog. Whenever I made fresh face masks I loved using them, but the time it took to source the ingredients and prepare them was very time-consuming. I thought to myself, "I wish I had these all of the time" and that's when I had my 'aha' moment. I realized that nothing like this currently exists on the market and that other people must feel the same way. Wanting to have fresh skincare, but not having the time or know-how to make them. That’s how Smoothie Beauty was born! 

Photo taken from Smoothie Beauty Website, featuring Stephanie Peterson

Photo taken from Smoothie Beauty Website, featuring Stephanie Peterson

8. Do most people hear about you from your blog: The Global Beauty, please tell us about that?

Since starting Smoothie Beauty I have not had the time and capacity to keep up with posting on The Global Beauty and have put my energy towards the Smoothie Beauty Blog instead. I will return to posting on my personal blog in the near future, but for now it’s ready and waiting for me. Most people hear about Smoothie Beauty from events, world or mouth, our sales channels, and social media.

9. I love your blog on Smoothie Beauty, do you write all of these articles yourself?  Where do you get all of your insight from?

I do all the research and product development for Smoothie Beauty, so the blog posts and articles are inspired by the ingredients I am using in our skincare. I have had help putting my thoughts into words, simply because it is almost impossible to keep up with a full time blog and run a business with perishable products at the same time.

10. As a fashion model, keeping your skin clean and fresh is important, were you not finding what you were looking for out in the market for skincare products? If so, please elaborate.

Yes, keeping my skin clean and fresh is important as a model. Especially because I mostly do beauty and commercial work that involves HD videos and close ups. On a given day at work I would come home with layers and layers of makeup on my face and sometimes hairspray! So I would use my fresh skincare to balance out my skin and give it nourishment. I couldn’t find anything on the market that gave me the results and overall clean feeling that real ingredients gave my skin. Now it’s wonderful that I can share them with our customers!

11. What is different about Smoothie Beauty products from your competitors?

What makes Smoothie Beauty products different from our competitors is that we are a food and beauty company all in one. We are using living, perishable ingredients with a short shelf life and our skincare needs to be cold-shipped and treated like a food.

12. Please tell us a little bit about you. When did you start modeling? How long have you been modeling for?

I was discovered in a shopping mall when I was 15 years old and I’ll be 33 in June. I modeled locally while I was in high school and then became an international model at 18 and since then I have had the wonderful opportunity to spend time in multiple countries for extended periods of time. This experience really allowed me to learn about their cultures, food, and self-care. I’m still modeling in NYC and this has been great in order to stay current with beauty trends for my company.

13. Please tell us some of your favorite products on your site and why?

I personally love all of the products that we offer because I like to use different products as the seasons change. However, if I have to choose one product from each category it would be the Sunrise Brightening fresh face mask, Pearl Illuminating Smoother Booster, and Rose Toning Facial Mist. This combination keeps my skin looking bright, even, and hydrated! 

13. Are your products sold in other stores or venues?

We have an anchor location at Canal Street Market in NYC and Riley Rose is our first retail vendor and carries our products in their locations nationwide.

14. I love how affordable your prices are? How do you maintain this?

Thank you! We aim to be an affordable luxury. Since we offer fresh skincare, freshness is key! Therefore, we decided that it’s best that each fresh face mask pouch contains 3 mask applications. So the pricing comes to a little over $4 per application. We find that this pricing is very reasonable compared to other organic face masks on the market and we obviously can’t price our masks like a standard sheet mask.

15. Instagram: @smoothiebeauty @smoothiebeautysteph

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