Luis Morais Unisex Jewelry Line

Luis Morais Unisex Jewelry Line


By Alison Hernon


1. Where are you located?

Miami Beach and NYC

2. When did you start your business?


3. What inspired you to start a jewelry line?

I saw a bracelet in a magazine that I could not locate to purchase, so I created a version of it myself – DIY-style. The bracelet garnered enough compliments from friends and family that it warranted reproductions, and thus the line was born.

4. What motivated you to make jewelry that is Unisex? 

I  believe self adornment is not gender identified.

5. Are your clients male/female ratio even? 

Not yet, we have a great male audience these days but women are and have always been our customer.


6. Are you seeing a trend with more brands becoming Unisex? 

Yes. I think its exciting, gender fluid.

7. Please describe your current collection?

Even though I am Brazilian, I visited the Amazon region recently for the first time. The collection is named Tucum, which is a fruit that is found in a specific palm tree in the Amazon.  I used this bead in a lot of the pieces for this collection, complimenting it with diamonds, gold and crystals.

8. Where is your collection sold?  Any stores or online only?

We sell online on our website and to stores such as: Barney’s, Matches and Mr. Porter. 



9. Do any celebrities wear your jewelry?

Yes, we have had several celebrities that are regular clients.

10. What’s your Instagram and website info?





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