Dead Than Cool: Unisex Brand

Dead Than Cool: Unisex Brand

Dead.Than.Cool: Unisex Brand

by Alison Hernon

Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine


Check out the streetwear brand made as a Unisex brand: Dead.Than.Cool

Dead.Than.Cool. was built on a foundation of Principles: 
Streetwear and couture can co-exist, as can familiarity and innovation.

Intention, dedication, and heart are prerequisites of our designs. 

Quality is a necessity, Individuality is of essence.

Reimagined, reinvented, revolutionized, the Dead.Than.Cool. Way.

Words written by the Dead.Than.Cool Team

Photography by DAD

1.   Where is the brand based?

Dead.Than.Cool. Is based out of Los Angeles, CA. Our designs are all made here locally. 

2. When did you start your business?

The brand was founded in 2017 

3. What inspired you to start a clothing line?

The desire to reimagine and reinvent existing clothing pieces is what inspired me to create this clothing line. The brand name came from Kurt Cobain’s lyric - “Monkey See Monkey do, I’d rather be dead than cool.” I think there’s a bit of irony behind what Cobain is saying. He would rather be dead than be cool - rather be dead than to be liked, to be accepted in the mainstream. Yet at the same this idea is kind of mainstream, and it is 'mainstream to hate on mainstream'. I kind of want to bring this ideology to our designs. We create whatever we want, and we understand that not everything is made to be accepted by everyone. 


Photography by DAD

4. What motivated you to make a brand that is Unisex?

We were not trying to create anything gender specific when we first started designing. Our goal was to create designs that were made for people that are comfortable with standing out. 

5. Are your clients male/female ratio even?

We would love to have everyone regardless of your gender, age, race, to be apart of the DTC lifestyle

6. Are you seeing a trend with more brands becoming Unisex?

Yes, definitely. That’s what the trend is heading towards. We are on social media all the time, and we’ve been noticing more and more females dressing in menswear. 

Photography by DAD

Photography by DAD

7. Please describe your current collection.

Our brand is reinventing clothing that already exists. For the first collection we added our own edgy twist to your everyday clothing.

8. Where is your collection sold? Any stores or online only?

The collection is available on our website only at

9. Do any celebrities wear your clothing?

Yes there have been a few celebrities sighting in our clothes including Marshmello, Florida Georgia Line, and Jackie Long 

10. What is your Instagram?

Our IG is

Interview is written by Alison Hernon, Fashion Director, Jejune Magazine


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