Hannah Larson, "The Healthful Model"

Hannah Larson, "The Healthful Model"

Hannah Larson, "The Healthful Model"


1. Please tell us about your blog:  http://www.hannahblarson.com

I have always had a passion for living a healthy, balanced lifestyle. When I started modeling, I wanted to use my platform for something more than just the logistics that my job entails. 

2. I love your article “Finding Perspective After a Difficult Year” and your honesty on dealing with depression and anxiety.  Plus, it was very positive with listing resources for guidance and the steps to take to heal.  We all go through ups and downs, so I think it’s really a great message and not something that should be ignored.  Would you like to mention anything for our readers about this experience?

In the early stages of planning my blog, I spent a lot of time brainstorming the most important qualities I wanted my writing to posses.  Of those qualities, authenticity kept popping up.   

My belief is that social media and digital platforms like blogging also come with a responsibility.  When I share something with my community, I want them to sense my vulnerability and honesty. We see so much filtered, edited content in our feeds – I want people to know they’re getting the truest version of myself in every post. In turn, this allows me to reach my readers in a deeper, richer and more productive way. 



3. I love your sustainability section, what would you say is your top 3 hot items right now and why?

  • Stainless steel food and beverage containers. When I’m working I always pack my own meals and drinks for the day. I carry a 32 oz Hydroflask with filtered water, a Zojirushi thermos with my tea or coffee and U Konserve containers for my meals and snacks.  Even if I’m meeting a friend for coffee, I’ll pack my own mug to save resources. 
  • My metro pass. I ride the bus or light rail around the city as frequently as possible as it conserves natural resources, reduces air pollution and harmful ozone levels.
  • My house. My house was built following strict environmental standards and green building protocol. It’s my sanctuary, filled with natural light and finished with a sleek, minimal design. 

4. I love all of your healthy eating tips and organic lifestyle, your gluten free peanut butter pancakes sound amazing!  How do you resource info for your blog?

I actually became interested in creating recipes from a young age. I did a research project about factory farming in 5th grade and decided to become a vegetarian. None of my friends or family were plant-based at the time, so in a way, I was forging my own path. I learned to cook from recipes I found online and cookbooks I devoured from my local library. Now, I create most of the recipes on my blog by myself just based on what I learned over the years. 

5. Where do you source all of your organic food?  

I purchase my produce from Costco, Whole Foods or local grocery retailers that have an organic section. As for dry goods or nonperishables, I like Thrive Market and Amazon. 



6. What brought to lead an organic eating lifestyle?

I try to eat organic, seasonally and locally whenever possible. However, I leave plenty of space for flexibility. I developed a complicated relationship with food in the past, so I tend to stray from rigidity and rules. I’m doing my best and that to me is enough. 

I often reference the Environmental Working Group’s annual Dirty Dozen and Clean Fifteen lists. These lists compile the foods you should try to buy organic when possible and those foods you may want to buy conventionally to save money on. 

The reality is whatever we choose to purchase, the most important task is to eat a diet rich in fruits and vegetables. That in itself is far more important than what brand we buy or how the food is grown. 

7. Do you have some favorite restaurants?

Seattle restaurants: 

  • Plum Bistro – incredible vegan fare in a modern, romantic setting. 
  • Café Flora – the longest standing vegetarian restaurant in Seattle with an enticing brunch 
  • Araya’s Place – excellent vegetarian Thai food. 

Seattle specialty spots: 

  • Espresso Vivace – the best coffee spot in all of Seattle. 
  • Frankie and Jo’s – diary free ice cream shop with unique flavors.
  • Pressed Juicery – cold-pressed juices, warm drinks (the matcha latte with their thick, creamy almond milk is divine), and Freeze which is a dairy free, sugar free take on frozen yogurt.  

9. Where do you currently reside:

Seattle, Washington. The Pacific Northwest is stunning! If you haven’t been, add it to your travel list. 

10. You have been a professional model since the age of 16, what do you like about modeling?  How do you integrate this into your lifestyle?  Are there any sustainable brands that you have modeled for?  If so, please list...

I treasure the learning experiences and tremendous personal growth that’s taken place because of my career choice. I also adore the people. I think there’s this misconception that models have this underlying rivalry, but when the girls from my agency come together, it’s like family. 

I don’t get to implement a lot of personal ethics into this work, which is one of the reasons why I started my blog. I needed an outlet to share my passion for sustainability and health. If anything, I source my clothing from sustainable brands or second hand retailers to reduce my environmental impact. When I get dressed for a casting or event, I can feel good about that. 

As for sustainable brands, I’ve worked with Stella McCartney. 

11. How would you describe your personal style?

I would say simple and polished. My wardrobe is eclectic with pieces ranging from Neiman Marcus to thrift store finds. I don’t abide by trends or labels; I just wear what makes me feel comfortable and confident. 

12. Do you do any volunteer work?  Do you support any charities?

I volunteer for a non-profit called FareStart that helps individuals affected by poverty, previous incarceration or addiction gain the skills necessary to maintain lifelong careers. 

As for charities, my husband and I make an annual donation to Pacific Northwest Ballet. I was a ballet dancer for fifteen years; those years taught me the most remarkable life lessons and are still an integral part of who I am today. 

We donate not only to support our local artists, but also to give every dancer a chance to have the invaluable experiences I had growing up.

13. What is your message for our readers:

On the chalkboard that sits in front of my desk, I have a quote that says, “Nevertheless, she persisted.” It reminds me everyday to be boundless in my every pursuit. The days you feel the most uncomfortable are the days you learn the most about yourself. I try to get a little uncomfortable every day. 



Check out Hannah Larson:

Website: http://www.hannahblarson.com

Instagram: @thehealthfulmodel

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