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COVER STORY - Suffrage Envoys

The Suffrage Envoys, are the women who over history have been fighting for women’s rights. We have a long past of oppression, so women have learned to brilliantly orchestrated the most beautiful and effective ways to get their messages out. And what better way is there than fashion? See full editorial and story here!


Indigenous, defined by google is originating or occurring naturally in a particular place. What a name for a clothing brand. Click here to learn more about this amazing brand, that was sustainable before that was a thing, and how they help improve the lives of the local native populations in Peru.

COVER STORY - Elliott Sailors

There are only a few people in the world who can be a fashion model. You have to have the right height, weight, and look. There is an incredible amount of pressure put on women and men to change their look, stay young, be current, and to have enough followers. Now try doing that as both sexes. Elliot Sailors is one of very few amazing talents capable of pulling this off.

It Is An All Girls Club with Trove Agency

A lot of career fields are trying to promote more women, but in the freelance world it is easier to over look the discrepancy. The fashion, and especially fashion photography world, has been on old man's club for a long time, but Amy Cooper is looking to change that by empowering more women to join!

Natural Beauty

The definition of beauty has changed over the years and cultures, almost as much as fashion has evolved. However, this is the first time in history where, slowly but surely, diversity is being considered beautiful. Come celebrate it with us, via our newest fashion editorial!

Interview With Phil Sullivan

Jejune had the pleasure to spend a day with Phil Sullivan, model and humanitarian. When Phil first moved to NYC, he found himself homeless for a short period of time, and that, with the help of a model friend, Shane Duffy, just started his desire to give back to the homeless community. 

Model Spotlight: Scott Neslage

As our society is constantly debating between being too politically correct or down right racist, the fashion industry, despite being celebrated for being forward thinking, is shockingly behind the times. There are more white models than any other race, and Asian models are a huge minority, particularly Asian men. When Asian men are represented, they are often showcased as exotic or androgynous, almost never as sexual beings. Well, we here at Jejune feel that Scott Neslage ( @scottneslage), from Soul Management, shot by Harold Mindel (@harold.mindel), will help change how the fashion world looks at Asian men!