Jennifer Cheon Garcia Wants To Change The World

Jennifer Cheon Garcia Wants To Change The World

Humans are creatures of habit. Ergo, when they see something that is different than what they are use to, sadly, many respond in fear rather than love and curiosity. This is what Jennifer Cheon Garcia learned growing up in a small town in Canada. Learn how Jennifer overcame the impact that bully had on her life, and her thoughts on bullying nowadays, in Jejune’s exclusive interview below.

Where are you based?
I’m based in Los Angeles and Vancouver .

How did you get into acting?
I was a performer from a really young age, so it was a natural progression to end up where I am today.

Can you tell us about playing Ivory in Van Helsing?
Playing Ivory is so much fun. I love everything about her, all of the strength she’s comprised of, both inside and out.  Her complete lack of vanity, and her passion to fight for her truth, is really rewarding to portray.

When you were a child you were badly bullied. Can you talk a little bit about this?
I grew up in a small town. There really wasn’t anyone like me in my community, and I think other kids were mean to me because they didn’t understand me. They couldn’t put me in a box in their mind. I used to be angry and get really hurt by it, but I found that the anger shifted into what drives me every day to reach out and show people different isn’t wrong — different is strong and beautiful. 

How did the arts and physical fitness help you heal from these encounters?
The arts and fitness have given me an outlet to place and release all of my emotions. I highly recommend getting some boxing gloves, learning how to breathe, and let go of your hurt. 

Do you feel that bullying is more of an issue now than it was in the past or we are just more aware of it?
I think bullying is going to be an on-going thing because, unfortunately, humankind seems to have that urge to be somewhat brutal to one another.  But I do feel hopeful, because we are at least talking about it more, and trying to find the underlying causes of it. That’s step one — we just have to keep helping one another out. 

What are your thoughts on online bullying? How has the internet changed bullying? 
Well back when I was a kid we didn’t have cell phones. The internet came into daily life when I was a teenager, so thankfully when I left school the bullying stopped. The fact that it can come home with you now is so scary, but what you have to remember is the words from those bullies are just a singular person’s silly opinion.  You are stronger than any of them.  

What do you think of Melania Trump’s The Best program? 
I think that it’s ironic. 

Do you feel her husband is a bully? How do you feel that is influencing children today looking for a role model?
Let’s just say, if looking for a role model, he ain’t it. 

What advice do you have for anyone who is being bullied?
Take that pain and turn it into art. 

How would you like to see this issue tackled?
With love, understanding, and patience

What is next for Jennifer Cheon Garcia? 
I want change the world. 

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Makeup: Caitlin Krenz

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