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Jennifer Cheon Garcia Wants To Change The World

Humans are creatures of habit. Ergo, when they see something that is different than what they are use to, sadly, many respond in fear rather than love and curiosity. This is what Jennifer Cheon Garcia learned growing up in a small town in Canada. Learn how Jennifer overcame the impact that bully had on her life, and her thoughts on bullying nowadays, in Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

For The Love Of Pole

Hello, my name is Kira, and I’m a pole dancer. If there is an addiction to have, this is the one. Pole dancing has changed my life only for the better, like many others, but don’t just let me tell you that. Jejune was lucky enough to interview nine amazing dancers. Click here to learn more about the pole community and the inspiring people in it!


BPM - beat per minute. There are many ways to love and celebrate your body: eating healthy, dancing in front of your mirror, buying clothing that makes you feel good, and working out. That’s why we are excited over Ted Sun’s new editorial with French ex-pro basketball player, Chris Kadima at Wilhelmina Sports & Fitness, where he shows us some of his moves.