Selfkaire's Kairetool - The Magic Massage Tool

Selfkaire's Kairetool - The Magic Massage Tool

Self care can mean a lot of things to different people, but we can all agree that it stems from understanding your body and doing what it needs. As a competitive athlete, I have learned a lot about self care, even if I’m not always great at it. The biggest thing I have learned is recovery. When you work your body really hard, you need to give it some love after. There are many wonderful ways you can do this: paying to get massages (mixed feelings), convincing your partner to give you a massage (big fan, but not always available), classes like MELT (these are solid), and using rollers and balls (mixed feelings). All but the last requires other people and time. You have to go to a class or a masseuse. This means scheduling and planning, all things I’m a big fan of, but not great when I want to just work on some recovery right away.

This is where Kairetool comes in! Sometimes I’m in pain and I want to work on an area while watching TV or at dinner. Kairetool is basically a small solid handheld steel massage tool. Since it fits in your palm, you can literally take it anywhere. This small tool forms beautifully to your hand, but because it has some weight to it, you can still get into the tricky spots you need to work on. Kairetool’s website says you can use it for a number of different things, but I mostly used it to work on my shoulder pain. I’m still not sure how it works, but it is a little like magic. I never got instant results with it, while it did feel nice while using it. However, I could feel that it was actually detoxing me. Ergo, read: drink lots of water while using this tool. It has been about a month and a half of on and off use with the Kairetool, along with using other recovery techniques, and my shoulder is feeling a lot better. I certainly will continue using it on my sore muscles.

To learn more about Kairetool, please read our exclusive interview below.

Foreword by Kira Bucca, Editor in Chief of Jejune Magazine.

Please tell Jejune how Selfkaire got started.
Right out of undergrad, Founder and CEO, Kathy Chou worked in investment banking. She worked 80-100+ hour weeks, all sitting at a desk. She ended up with a host of health issues: extreme leg swelling, monthly lung infections, and would get sick from eating anything outside of a piece of lettuce. Western doctors couldn't help her so she finally caved and saw her family's Eastern medicine practitioner. While highly analytical and skeptical by nature, she was absolutely terrified when silver liquid was pulled out of her leg during Hijama cupping - turns out they were heavy metal toxins. This was her moment of conversion that changed her life completely.  She spent the next 8 years deep dive testing products, application methods, and theories to bring you our Kairetool.

Selfkaire is based on an eastern medicine ritual. Can you please tell us a bit about this ritual and how it inspired Selfkaire?
Discovering we have toxins, which is the core concept in Eastern medicine, heat and pressure need to be applied for the toxins to be brought out to the surface to be processed by the lymphatic system. When Kathy turned to Eastern medicine for treatment, which to her surprise, was helpful, she found it to be extremely time consuming and painful. One component of the treatment included a 200 to 250-pound lady putting pressure with her entire weight and scraping her body (akin to gua sha, but much, much more intense). Selfkaire was born out of necessity, as Kathy sought to deliver the effects of the treatment without the pain and time commitment.

How long has Selfkaire been around?
Our soft launch was Q4 2018 and our hard launch was January 2019 at Indie Expo Los Angeles.

Where are you based?
We’re based in sunny Los Angeles, CA!

What are your Beauty Rollers made out of and why did you choose this material?
Kairetool is made out of medical grade surgical grade steel for maximal hygiene – it’s hypoallergenic and great for all skin types! Surgical steel is easily cleaned and extremely durable, which is why we offer our customers a lifetime warranty.

You have three different types of beauty rollers. Can you please explain the differences between them?
In Style Catalogue 1, we have 4 different styles of Kairetool (Dia, Daisy, Mirror, and Matte), with Matte being extremely scratch resistant.

We will be launching Style Catalogue 2, our Crystal Line (Rose, Jade, Violet) next month.  Our jade, rose quartz, and amethyst are meticulously sourced from regional crystal experts, curated individually with pride. You can flip over and use the crystal side as a traditional roller.

What makes your beauty roller different from what is already on the market?
Our utility and design patent-pending technology brings you an effective, innovative take on existing beauty rollers. Our facial and body roller is dual-sided with acupressure pins to target deep tissue and can be flipped over to use as a traditional roller to pat in skincare (jade, rose quartz, amethyst or surgical steel for maximal hygiene). The tool can be used on both the face and body and is specially designed as a natural and non-invasive tool to detox, contour and sculpt. It works over clothing, on your bare skin, and with skincare.

Our tool is meant to replace many things that you would normally pay for and use on your face and body and those costs rack up. Quintessentially multipurpose, we’re here to replace your bulky, basic tools (think jade roller, guasha, foam roller, etc.).  Kairetool is much more durable (the jade rollers break frequently) and doesn’t leave angry marks (guasha and cupping which break capillaries). 

We see that the roller is great for massage, but we would love to learn more about it’s other uses. Can you please explain how the detox works?
Our tool is a great way to detox, contour and sculpt.  With consistent use of our tool, it will fully detox the deep tissue. These are toxins that cannot be processed by a juice cleanse, diet, or workout regime alone. By bringing them to the surface to be processed by the lymphatic system, the soft tissue has less water retention, which creates the sculpting / contouring effect.

We would love to learn more about how the roller can be used to reduce/fight off wrinkles. Do you always use a cream or oil when using it on the face, so as not to pull the skin? What are your best approaches?
If it tugs at the skin, we recommend pairing with skincare or over a facemask.

For best results, we recommend following our “Best Practices.”

Best Practices:
1. Use consistently for approximately 1 month.
2. Spend 15 minutes per problem area per day. The area may feel warm and turn a healthy looking flush.
3. Apply pressure as you would a deep tissue massage. Soreness as you would experience from a deep tissue massage is also normal.
4. Allow your body to detox for 1 - 2 weeks.
5. Remember to stay hydrated while using Kairetool!

Your tutorial videos on your site talk about how to work certain areas on the body, but not how to work certain problems. Would love to learn more!
We teach you how to use our tool by area because the method is the same.  Teaching you to use by area is much more important.

What do you use the rollers for most?
TMJ/jaw tension, sculpting butt and thighs, contouring my arms, and the help with debloating.

Where can we find these beautiful tools?
They are sold on our site at and will be launching in Free People May/June 2019!

To learn more about Selfkaire please check them out here:
Instagram: @selfkaire
Facebook: selfkaire

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