Learning to Love My Visits with Auntie Flo - Reviewing Thinx

Learning to Love My Visits with Auntie Flo - Reviewing Thinx

Let’s talk about the dreaded time of the month, our Auntie Flo’s visit, the crimson tide, and/or the red badge of courage. The last one I just heard for the first time, but I think it is my favorite. I normally inform my partner of its arrival by letting him know he has escaped, yet another month, of fatherhood.

For many women their period comes with stress, discomfort, emotions, pain, and constantly having to find ways to work around it. We feel so unattractive that we just give up and wear our “ugly” undies.

On top of all this, being on your period is expensive! Let’s not even talk about the pink tax! Being a woman is all about being taken advantage of when we are most raw.

But don’t despair, we don’t have to fill the landfills every month with expensive bleached glorified diapers! We can be free.

First, a little about me: I am a pad girl. Tampons freak me out. I only wear them when necessary, swimming and pole competitions. I get bad cramps. I like to think that I’m tough. I mean, I literally bash my body into steel poles on a  regular basis. However, my second day of my period, is a day of being curled up in a ball dreaming that one of my father’s Y chromosome sperms won that race 30+ years ago.

I’m also a bit of a hippie. So, I actually made the switch to reusable pads a few years ago.

Reusable options are where it is at! They are sustainable/better for the environment. After the initial expense, they end up being cheaper than disposable pads. There is data that shows they help reduce cramps and bleeding for most women. From my experience, I can tell you that, your cramps do get better, not 100%, probably not even 50%, but I’ll take what I can get!

It isn’t shocking that such a sensitive moist part of your body wouldn’t like to be suffocated with plastic, when it is the most vulnerable. Ergo, my favorite part about using reusable options is they just feel better! Like no one wants plastic grossness rubbing up against any part of your body all day long, especially your special lady bits. What is better? Cotton. Cotton feels freaking amazing! And organic cotton just makes you feel beautiful and fancy!

However, the reusable pads, while better and way cuter, still come with their problems. For one, they move around. It is annoying. I use a safety pin to secure mine, which let me tell you, was a field day when I went through airport security the other day… I might actually be pregnant now…

They also need to be switched out, like normal pads, but unlike normal pads you have to carry them around used until you can clean them. Finally, you are still wearing your grandma’s panties during your time of the month! That might be the worst! I’m still adorable! I want to feel like it!

Do you know what is adorable? Thinx!

Thinx, obviously, is a woman run company that creates *cute* period panties. Yes, you read correctly, **cute** period panties! So, these are underwear that you can wear and it will catch your blood, much like a pad will. Except, you are not wearing a pad, and you don’t have to change it at any point! You can get different pairs that can be used on heavier and lighter days. I tried the cotton bikini, which is a medium flow day panty. From my limited experience comparing my flow to other women’s, I am not super heavy, but I can say I wore these at different points throughout my cycle, including my heaviest day, and it was magical.

There was nothing bulky in my underwear! It feels just the same as wearing any other underwear! There was no leakage, it was clean, and I even felt cute wearing them!

And very importantly, I went through airport security without a glitch!

If that isn’t enough to convert a girl, I am just completely smitten over how female positive Thinx is! I love seeing all the different beautiful women they use in their advertising. It is refreshing to have a for women by women product that really has the comfort of women in mind!

In addition, they are part of PERIOD, which fights to end period poverty and period stigma. Together they formed United for Access, which is a grassroots effort to bring free menstruation products into schools, grade school through college, so that no woman will have to miss out on her education because of her period. If toilet paper and soap are provided for free, why not period products?

Finally, I know the panties are not cheap (most ranging from $20s-30s per pair), but they really are not too far off from some fancier brands of regular underwear, and these come with a huge functionality bonus! Also, consider that you will never have to buy another disposable pad again, not only is that great for the wallet, but also your sanity.

To learn more about Thinx and get started with your reusable journey, please check them out via the following platforms:
Facebook: SheTHINX
Instagram: shethinx
Twitter: SheTHINX

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