Spring 2018 RTW Shows

Spring 2018 RTW Shows


A Look Into Spring 2018 Collections by Jenaé Steele

Each Designer Listed Has A Social Awareness Theme


Jeanette Limas by Jeanette Limas, Create to Heal

“Sweet Dreams are made of these,” the Eurythmics hit escaped from the speakers to set a tortured tone to the beginning of a show born out of a necessity to create. Afro-Latina Designer Jeanette Limas named her majority black and white collection, Agonizing Creativity. Particularly impacted by the current political climate, it was extremely important to her to communicate the juxtaposition of life challenges and hope. Limas revealed that the current atmosphere impacted her decision to drain the color from her collection. Instead she played with textures, layering, and shapes to create a timeless collection that will survive fashion week’s ever-changing trends. When asked about the message behind her collection Limas replied, “The message is that better times will come. We have to keep creating, keep believing and inspiring one another. Love, support and understanding is what we need.”

JEANETTE LIMAS DESIGN -- Interview by Jenaé Steele

1. What was the driving inspiration behind the show?

Definitely, the sense of hope. We have to keep ourselves optimistic, we have to stay focused no matter what we are going through. The name of the collection is Agonizing Creativity, which it not limited to artists' challenges but also to everyone's daily duties.

2. Did the present political climate or any current events impact or influence the art?

Of course. When I started making the collection I was using bright colors, but the atmosphere around me was not colorful. Personal events and the political climate definitely influenced the collection.

3. What message or image was to be communicated to the audience?

The message is that better times will come. We have to keep creating, keep believing and inspiring one another. Love, support and understanding is what we need.

4. What are your favorite trends coming in the next 6 months?

I don’t really believe in trends -- I never did. I like to create pieces that are timeless. As a matter of fact, that’s the one thing that is always in my mind when I'm about to start a new garment.


Photographer: Stacie Yue
Model: Tori Fisher
Accessory Designer: Dmitry Byalik
Mua: Colleen Farley
Hair: Jessica Klaus


Photographer: Stacie Yue
Model: Samayah Jaramillo
Accessory Designer: Dmitry Byalik
Mua: Colleen Farley
Hair: Kaylan Murphy 


Photographer: Stacie Yue
Model: Tiffany Sarn
Accessory Designer: Dmitry Byalik
Mua: Engelina Inez Wibowo
Hair: Blair Sandh

Kid's Need Fashion Too
I Love Mel D. by Mel Duran and Le Tiel Bondinant by Yoshua de Jesus Colon

One of the most heart-warming parts of my day was going to the Kid’s NYFW show hosted by I Love Mel D. and Le Tiel Bondinant. Girls from ages 3-16 walked the runway wearing Mel’s designer clothes for kids and teens and Yoshua de Jesus Colon’s jewelry. Although the girls and boy sported some truly dazzling fits, the children stole the show. Seeing the confidence in the walk of a 9 year old in this safe space for children passionate about modeling made my day. Each child strutted down the aisle with tiaras. Those tiaras seemed like a constant reminder that they were all royalty. All different ages, heights, body types, and races were celebrated on that runway. I have never been so proud.

JOOBI by Joobi Lee: The Rainbow After The Storm
Joobi Designer, Joobi Lee, gave his audience a glimpse into the mind of an artistic yet depressed insomniac feeling with his collection. The range of colors which transitioned from dark to light was the visual expression of the progress to recovery, the underlying theme of his work. Lee dedicated his collection to the plight of the working man stuck in the endless cycle of living to work and working to live. He used the makeup (red around the eyes) and slumped posture of the models to embody the virus that is stress in a capitalist society. The free-flowing irregularly cut clothing of the models were a tortured love note to New York City, the ever changing city of opportunity and failure.  A journey towards hope and growth arise as another theme in this awe-striking collection. Kim hopes that anyone struggling with darkness and depression are encouraged by his collection and are strong enough to walk towards the light.


Makeup : Allison Balchi, Chloe Grae
Hair : Alex Walker
Photographer: Go Minami
Set Design: Sang Eun Oh

A Rebel Spirit Shakes the John Varvatos Store at the Bowery
John Varvatos by John Varvatos

Fashion and music formed the perfect union on Thursday, September 7th in the John Varvatos store at the Bowery. Thanks to Albert Lanfranco, I was able to witness that fateful night.  Varvatos uses his voice, his fashion platform,  and his models to instigate a rebellion (no surprise given the disgusting state of affairs).  That night Varvatos kicked off his Fall/Winter 2017 campaign in true rockstar fashion with a blowout concert starring the face of the edgy yet classy “Wild at Heart” collection, Machine Gun Kelly.  Just being in the presence of Machine Gun Kelly is synonymous with breathing in true defiance and anarchy.  With the support of the band, Machine Gun Kelly made the walls sweat and the floors shake, creating a vibe that was just unforgettable. This stylish rebel embodied in one night everything a timeless music, and now, fashion icon is supposed to be. Donned in the stunning, limited edition leopard overcoat he sported on the runway during New York Men’s Fashion Week, Machine Gun Kelly was truly a golden god on stage. Whether he was strumming his guitar with a beer bottle or hanging upside down from the exposed pipes in the store, Machine Gun Kelly showed that it was possible to kiss the sky, and look damn good while doing it. John Varvatos and Machine Gun Kelly are a match made in rock and roll heaven, and I hope this Wild at Heart campaign is just the beginning.

Sunday Night Fever
Laurel DeWitt by Laurel DeWitt and Cargo Cosmetics

In the midst of a torrential political climate, designer Laurel DeWitt sought to create a metallic oasis Sunday evening. DeWitt used sparkling golds and silvers to create a disco inferno on the runway like never before seen. Cargo Cosmetics partnered in this venture and helped bring out the inner diva of every single model. With slinky silhouettes and shiny sexy hardware, DeWitt proved that there is no fabric like metal. Whether it was a golden chain jumper or a headdress forged for the goddess in us all, every single piece from her collection was absolutely luxurious and breath taking. DeWitt sought to have the audience “experience disco reimagined from my mind in metal.” At the moment I saw one of the lovely models sashaying down the runway with tricked out disco ball as a clutch, I knew I was in a metallic disco queen’s fantasy land. Mission Accomplished.


Photo by Joan Bateman
Instagram: @gainsborogal

Model: Rayuana Aleyce


Photo by Joan Bateman
Instagram: @gainsborogal

Model: AzMarie Livingston


Jenaé Steele is a Contracts Coordinator at WME-IMG. She has several interests including fashion (obviously), music, social activism, and intellectual property. She enjoys writing about the cross-sections of her interests. Jenaé believes that the world needs a little more conscious art, so she loves writing about designers who allow current events to impact or inspire their work. Above all, shining the light on designers, models, etc. who use their platform to take definitive stance on social issues brings her much joy. She's been published several times on various online media outlets.

Social Media Info: 
Instagram: @dtrtfocused1
Twitter: dtrt_focused1

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