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Sonica Sarna Design Is All The Buzz Words!

It is very important to buy from ethical designers, but how are these designers sustainable? Where do they get their fabrics? Who is making them? Well, the answer is companies, people, and amazing ethical manufacturers, like Sonica Sarna Design. Sonica works predominately with Indian women to make ethical/sustainable/eco-friendly/organic fabrics and clothing for designers all over the world. To learn more about Sonica Sarna Design, and her approach, please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

For The Good of the Hive

There are a lot of ways to start the conversation of environmental protection and climate change, but few are quite as eye catching as what The Good of the Hive is doing! Matthew Willey was inspired by one honey bee and it changed his live. Now he spreads the world of environmental awareness and the need for bees in huge stunning murals around The United States. To learn more about The Good of the Hive and bees, please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.