For The Good of the Hive

There are a lot of ways to start the conversation of environmental protection and climate change, but few are quite as eye catching as what The Good of the Hive is doing! Matthew Willey was inspired by one honey bee and it changed his live. Now he spreads the world of environmental awareness and the need for bees in huge stunning murals around The United States. To learn more about The Good of the Hive and bees, please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

Jennifer Cheon Garcia Wants To Change The World

Humans are creatures of habit. Ergo, when they see something that is different than what they are use to, sadly, many respond in fear rather than love and curiosity. This is what Jennifer Cheon Garcia learned growing up in a small town in Canada. Learn how Jennifer overcame the impact that bully had on her life, and her thoughts on bullying nowadays, in Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

Lisa Linke Says Her Period Piece

After interviewing Lisa Linke, I knew I needed to have a new best friend. She is talented, passionate, hilarious, and tells it how it is. There were more than five times I found myself wanting to shout “hells yeah!” to her comments about women’s rights, equality, voting, and getting to know one’s period. Please read Jejune’s exclusive interview here. I know you will love her as much as I do!

Jenn Lyon Is Pro-...Women!

The new abortion laws that are rapidly being passed and proposed across our country are easily on the mind of most women in the US, but I know one southern belle who is speaking out! Jenn Lyon’s does more than take on passionate characters, but she is using her voice to speak out against the restrictions that are being put on women’s bodies and fighting for women’s rights. To learn more about Jenn and what she stands for, please read further in our exclusive interview here.

Karimah Westbrook Gives Back

Karimah Westbrook not only plays a passionate mother on CW’s All American, but she gives back to South Central Los Angeles’s youth through an amazing organization call A Place Called Home. To learn more about Karimah and A Place Called Home, please read further in Jejune’s exclusive interview here.

For The Love Of Pole

Hello, my name is Kira, and I’m a pole dancer. If there is an addiction to have, this is the one. Pole dancing has changed my life only for the better, like many others, but don’t just let me tell you that. Jejune was lucky enough to interview nine amazing dancers. Click here to learn more about the pole community and the inspiring people in it!

COVER - Patricia Velásquez - Pulowi Walks On Earth

Patricia Velásquez brings kindness and love into everything she does, from being a super model, actress, mother, and through her NGO, The Wayuu Taya Foundation. The Wayuu Taya Foundation aids indigenous populations in Venezuela. However, the current political climate has just made life in Venezuela terrifying. Learn more about Patricia Velásquez, The Wayuu Taya Foundation, and what you can do to help, here!


BPM - beat per minute. There are many ways to love and celebrate your body: eating healthy, dancing in front of your mirror, buying clothing that makes you feel good, and working out. That’s why we are excited over Ted Sun’s new editorial with French ex-pro basketball player, Chris Kadima at Wilhelmina Sports & Fitness, where he shows us some of his moves.

Stephanie Rice Writes Her Own Story

Pride month is a time to celebrate our LGBTQ+ sisters, brothers, and everything in between, but to also recognize the fight they have had to, and continue to, overcome. In my completely unbiased opinion, the LGBTQ+ community is one of the most amazing groups of people. No matter what is thrown at them they continue to shine, literally and figuratively, and Stephanie Rice is no exception. Despite coming from a very religious family who couldn’t accept her for all that she is, she is taking on the world by storm. Music was always her first love, but she has also tackled the science field, putting out important AIDS research, has been on The Voice, and her new single “Pages” is just beautiful. To learn more about this passionate creative woman, please read our exclusive interview here.